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Orchester Committee

bengt felix loebell

Bengt-Felix Loebell (Violins)

Bengt-Felix Loebell was born on May 3, 1982, in Langen. He started his studies on English and History for teaching at grammar school in 2002 and joined the string section in the same year. Since 2004, he represents the 2nd violins in the committee. Due to his teacher training, Bengt-Felix had to pause his musical activities with the orchestra, however, he has rejoined the orchestra in 2011 and resumed his duties in the committee.

Beirat Miriam

Miriam Pilatzki (Violas)

Miriam Pilatzki was born January 2, 1992, in Kassel. She has been studying law since 2011 and added political science in the winter semester of 2015. In her first semester, she joined the Viola section in the university orchestra and has taken up the role as Viola representative in the committee in the winter of 2015.

Caspar R. de Boor (Low Strings)

Caspar R. de Boor was born November 7, 1994, in Crivitz. He has been studying Protestant Theology at the University of Göttingen since the winter semester 2014/2015 and started playing Cello in the university orchestra at the same time. He is the representative of the Cello section in the orchestra committee since the winter semester 2015/2016

Aylin Balikavlayan (Wind)

Aylin Balikavlayan was born on February 8, 1989, in Tettnang at Lake Constance. She came to Göttingen in 2009 to pursue her training as a physiotherapist. Since April 2010, Aylin has been an active member in the orchestra playing the flute, as well as representing the wind section in the committee.

Tobias Bätge (Brass)

Tobias Bätge was born in Steinheim on January 13, 1995. He started studying physics at the university of Göttingen in 2013. He also started playing in the university orchestra in the same year. Since summer 2017, he represents the brass section in the orchestra committee.