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Conductor | Ingolf Helm


Born 1954 in Hamburg, Ingolf Helm studied school music, church music (Diplom A) and conducting (diplom). Wilhelm Brückner-Rüggeberg was his most crucial conducting teacher. Helm's studies were complemented by courses led by Helmuth Rilling and Gerd Albrecht. After three years as church musician in Bremen, he accepted a call to the university of Göttingen in 1987 as academic music director. Since then, he leads the university choir and university orchestra, founded by him in 1990. In addition, he perceives educational commitments at the theological faculty (applied theology) as well as at the philosophical faculty (musicology). Recently, he excelled as composer (“Verheißungen”,2009).

His tasks also include the performance of duties as cantor and organist of the university church of St. Nikolai.

Within his repertoire are now all the classical romantic oratorios and symphonies as well as about 100 cantatas by J.S. Bach and numerous works of the 20th century.