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The Orchestra

The Orchestra was founded by the Academic Music Director Ingolf Helm in 1990 and consists of approximately 40-50 members from all fields of study. The Repertoire encompasses classical symphonies, Overtures, Solo Concertos, Bach Cantatas, as well as pieces for choir and orchestra, which are performed in collaboration with the university choir.

The orchestra performs one rehearsed concert program each semester. In addition to that, the orchestra plays special performances in the time before Christmas or official festivities in the university hall, in which also ensembles out of the orchestra are involved.

Besides the ability to play music with a friendly and cheerful group of people, the fun rehearsal weekends, for example in Bremen, and the social get-togethers after rehearsals, there is also the possibility to acquire credits in the Module "Orchestermusizieren mit musikwissenschaftlicher Fundierung" (6 Credits).

Our concerts are not exclusively performed in Göttingen, but have brought us to Hannover or Witzenhausen in the recent past. The orchestra has even undertaken concert journeys within Europe. To go to the concert archive press here.

We are always happy to welcome new members into our orchestra!