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The Choir

Founded in 1946 in Göttingen, the university choir was first led by former academic music director (AMD) Hermann Fuchs until December 1987. Since then, his successor AMD Ingolf Helm is leading the ensemble.

The program encompasses common classical romantic oratorios as well as a cappella pieces. In addition cantatas by J.S. Bach are performed four times a year during the university church services. The program is occasionally supplemented by contemporary music as in 2009, when the choir gave the first performance of the oratorio 'Verheißungen' by Ingolf Helm.

The university choir as well as the university orchestra, also led by AMD Helm, repeatedly accepted invitations to participate in the Händel festival in 1985, 1995, 2005 and 2010.

Together, choir and orchestra, under the leadership of AMD Helm, can look back on a multifaceted and interesting musical program: follow this link for the choir's concert archive.