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Room request


Attention: due to holidays, no inquiries or activations can be processed from July 18th to August 9th, 2023.

In the Casa musica, Herzberger Landstraße 2 there is the possibility to practice piano or your own instrument. There are several rooms to choose from:

  • the rehearsal hall of the Unichor and orchestra (with a piano from Schimmel)
  • the seminar room on the first floor (usually on weekdays from 5 pm and on weekends, with a Steinway B grand piano)
  • the "orchestra room" (with an electric piano from Korg)
  • the office of the musical director (with a Stutz grand piano from Duysen)
  • Jens Wortmann's office (with an electric piano from Casio)

The use of the rooms is intended for students and employees of the Georg-August-Universität and costs nothing. However, the use of the rooms must be registered.

Access to Casa musica is regulated with a chip card. The new (white) student cards and new (white) employee cards are compatible with the system. Old (blue) maps are NOT compatible. These must be exchanged at the Studierendenzentrale am Wilhelmsplatz. The one-off exchange costs 8 euros.Employees can exchange their card at the card office.

Use of the rooms is ONLY permitted after prior booking of a room. A booking for registered users with an activated key card is possible directly. Other interested parties must calculate a processing time of 2-3 working days.

For requests for a sample room, please click on the A in the second column from the left for the respective date. Or you can use this link to the form for the request.

Before the first booking or use:

  • Your chip card must be activated by the university's Central Card Office.
  • The activation takes place after the first booking request via the University Music
  • Make your booking request accordingly a few working days before the desired use, so that the procedure can be set in motion.
  • You will receive an e-mail with the instructions for use as well as an e-mail as soon as the card is activated.
  • When making your first request, please note that neither the University Music Office nor the University Card Office is staffed on weekends.
  • Note: Guest cards can no longer be issued.