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Room request

Rehearsal rooms

In the „Casa Musica“, located at Herzberger Landstraße 2, you have the option to practise the piano or an own instrument. The following rooms are offered:
- „Probensaal“ (the rehearsal hall of university choir and orchestra), equipped with a piano by Schimmel
- „Seminarraum der Abteilung Personalentwicklung“ (seminar room of the university human resources development), usually available on weekdays after 5 p.m. and on weekends, equipped with a grand piano (Steinway, B-type)
- „Orchesterraum“ (orchestra room), equipped with a digital piano by Yamaha
- Office of Ingolf Helm, equipped with a baby grand by Duysen
- Office of Jens Wortmann, equipped with a digital piano by Korg

All students of the University of Goettingen are welcome to use these rooms free of charge. Rooms have to be booked in advance and a key is necessary to enter. A key, if not at hand, can be loaned out for a deposit. Please specify in the room request which option is needed.
Rooms can ONLY be used if a room request was filed previously.
For a room request please click on the „A+“ button in the plan below (second column) or use https://raumverwaltung.omoc.de/?bk=unimusik&a=4

Currently all available keys are distributed. However, a room booking without a key is not possible. This is why we are sorry to inform you that interested users who are not registered already, cannot use the rehearsal rooms.