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Friends' Association

The university choir and the university orchestra have a friends' association:
“Förderverein Göttinger Universitätschor und -orchester e.V.”

The funds of the association are used every year to support projects of the ensembles. For example, the rehearsal weekends are heavily supported in order to keep the financial contribution for students as low as possible.

The association financially supported the purchase of the choir pedestal for the St. Nikolai church. For the orchestra, musical instruments, like a set of new orchestral basins, were purchased.

The members of the association are composed of active members, alumni and friends of the choir and the orchestra. In order to facilitate the participation of the students, the annual donation contribution is deliberately kept low. The minimum contribution is only 12 euros. Higher donations are of course welcome.

The association is recognized as not-for-profit by the tax authorities and can therefore issue donation receipts. Individual donations are possible at any time to the association's bank account

Account no 3301 at Sparkasse Göttingen (BLZ 260 500 01)
DE42 2605 0001 0000 0033 01, BIC-/SWIFT-Code: NOLADE21GOE

Die Satzung des Vereins ist hier einsehbar. Ein Aufnahmeformular in den Verein können Sie hier herunterladen.